Fight the wrinkles of your face with facials

It is inevitable, the years that pass slowly appear on the face. When should you begin to fight the first wrinkles? How can we prevent them from settling on our face? Here are some of the tips to regain your youngness.

Over time, all faces and all skin types end up getting older. With age, cell renewal slows down, production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid decreases, and the skin refines and loses its elasticity. This environment promotes the formation of wrinkles, which appear primarily on the face, neck and hands, the most exposed areas of the body. Facials etobicoke services understands how important it is to bring back the glow on your face. Hence, they offer myriads of facial option depending upon the skin type.

Note that wrinkles are not just one. If it is partly our genetics that determines the rate of aging of our organism, other factors can however accelerate this natural process. This is particularly the case of stress, sun, alcohol, tobacco, pollution, unhealthy eating, lack of sleep and dehydration. To these factors are added our mimics, these repeated contractions of the muscles of our face that create wrinkles of expression. Whether superficial or deep, the wrinkles seen on our face are of three types: horizontal, vertical and lateral. They are distinguished on different zones that each age in their own way.

The forehead: wrinkles are linked to the hyperactivity of the muscles.

The contour of the eye: the smiles and the many regular movements of the face lead to the appearance of the famous goose feet, those lateral wrinkles that often manifest themselves the first, from their twenties.

 The mouth: with age, the dermis that supports the contour of the lips loses its volume and firmness, which causes the appearance of tiny wrinkles above the upper lip. Women particularly exhaust these small lines since their lipstick sometimes comes to lodge there.

The neck: here too, over time, the muscles distend and the skin sags slightly.

The lateral parts of the face: very young, our cheekbones are well swollen. With the muscles relaxing, their tissues tend to slip down, creating the famous nasolabial furrow, this wrinkle that starts from the nostrils and descends to the outer corners of our mouth. Result: our beautiful curved cheeks are emaciated. So, fight your wrinkles with perfect facials.