How to Get the Bitcoins: Some Tried and Tested Ways

Expending monetary and mental resources for getting the bitcoins has become a necessity. However, some ways of buying & earning bitcoins are very effective than the others. Let us read further to know the best ways on how to get bitcoins and best ways of earning it for free via bitcoin faucets.

How to Get Bitcoins?

There’re two ways that you may get bitcoins:

  • Slowly earn the substantial amount of the bitcoins free through the bitcoin faucets, such as playing mobile and online games, completing the tasks on the websites, and writing about the cryptocurrency.
  • Quickly purchase the substantial sum of bitcoins on internet or personally.

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How to Quickly Get Bitcoins?

Buy Online

To buy and earn free bitcoins, first you have to download the bitcoin wallet that is one kind of software that enables you to safely send, receive or store the funds in a bitcoin network. There’re four kinds of the bitcoin wallets, which you may use: web, mobile, hardware and desktop. When you download the wallet, you have to setup the account on cryptocurrency exchange, which is approved by the wallet provider. The cryptocurrency exchanges are the market places where the sellers trade the cryptocurrencies to the buyers for the fiat money and other digital currencies.

Most of the exchanges accept the bank transfer and credit card payments, or some also accept Paypal payments. They will charge you the transaction fee for each trade that you make. You may choose from many crypto exchanges, however the most reputable and popular exchanges are Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Coinmama and Coinbase. Here is the list of some famous crypto exchanges.

Buy in Person

Suppose you would rather buy the bitcoins personally, you have got four choices:

    Use websites that works similarly to the regular ATM, and except you trade for your money for bitcoin.

  • Use websites to find the bank branches that can give you bitcoin for the cash deposits.
  • Make use of websites to find the retail stores that can give you the bitcoin for cash.
  • Use websites to find the people who are keen to exchange their Bitcoin for cash.

Getting Bitcoins Free

Play Online or Mobile Games to Get Bitcoins

The most fun and entertaining ways to make free bitcoins is playing the mobile and online games. That is right — you may play games on the phone and computer and get paid in the bitcoin. However, if the bitcoin faucets would like to earn money and pay the players, they need to serve many advertisements to the users.