Top tips to take care of your teeth

Maintaining healthy and strong teeth is synonymous with daily work. Following some guidelines every day will help us maintain good oral health and also save us problems in the future. Wearing a pretty smile is not only something obviously physical; it can also be related to enviable health. Following these tips to take care of the teeth that we propose will help you forget the problems in your teeth. Click here for best implant dentist singapore.

How to take care of teeth

Clean teeth 3 times a day

Proper oral cleaning is mandatory in order to maintain the health of our teeth. A gentle brushing of about three minutes in the morning, after eating and before bedtime will help us keep our teeth white, pink gums and eliminate the remains of food that can cause us, among other problems, tooth decay or tartar. Visit this site for best implant dentist singapore.


Flossing is one of the best tips for caring for the most effective teeth. They will help us to eliminate those remains of food that despite using the toothbrush are still embedded in the most inaccessible recesses between our teeth.

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Annual review of your dentures

¬†Although, apparently, you don’t have any problem in your teeth, prevention is another method to take care of them. Ideally, visit your dentist every six months or, at most, visit your dentist once a year for a professional review and cleaning of your teeth.

Avoid the consumption of tobacco and alcohol

They are two of the eternal enemies of our teeth, especially the first. Tobacco not only obscures our smile, it can also cause the bad state of our teeth. If you are a consumer of it, keep cleaning and professional supervision of your teeth at bay.

Eat fruit

The vitamins that the fruit has not only helps our defenses and our body, it also helps hardness and oral health. One tip of caring for teeth is to eat several pieces of fruit a day and put your jaw to work.