A Relief In Summers: Cooling Mattress Singapore

Cooling mattress singapore

The summers in Singapore are not easy. The temperature here is 88⁰F which exceeds up to 91⁰F. And the minimum temperature ranges from 76⁰F to 79⁰F. Because of Singapore’s location and maritime exposure, it has uniform temperature, uniform pressure, high humidity, and less rainfall. And according to the weather reports of Singapore, we can conclude that”

  • The hottest month is April
  • The coldest month is January
  • The wettest month is November

Summers are usually not easy, especially when the temperature is very high. At night, some people may also experience difficulty in sleeping because of the heat. The cooling mattress Singapore will help you in comforting you from this heat.

About cooling mattress

The cooling mattress singapore is designed for increased airflow. A mattress usually absorbs the heat and draws away the heat from our bodies. These mattresses are infused with wrapped wire coils or gel-infused memory foam, which will give you relief in summer. These mattresses revolve around the idea of absorbing nature heat (which is produced by thermoregulation) and drawing the hot air from our body, which helps you in keeping cool.

 As our body naturally produces heat and the temperature outside is also hot, it is impossible to cool down easily.

According to science, our body produces residue heat due to which our body temperature increases.  And at night, sometimes a fan or a cooler is not sufficient to beat this heat.  You can find a wide range of cooling mattresses in different sizes according to your needs like hybrid latex and cool gel memory foam, ultra-cool gel memory foam mattress, etc.