Benefits You Get From Using Search Engine Tools For Data Analysis

There are a lot of benefits that a search engine tool can provide. It has many features that make everything from the difficult to complex easier. Keep reading as we tell you what you can enjoy from using search engine tools for your data analysis.

  • You get data exploration in a snap. Make your workmates wow with your first cut analysis in minutes without codes required! Since most search engines are able to handle most types of formats, the ingestion is often fast and flexible. Your data can get spared or dense. With search engines, you will not have to worry about the new data that your boss sent you which you’ve never seen before!
  • It is easier to generate training/test/validation data splits. Most engines are already built with support for complex joins across countless data sets as well as an easier selection of rows and columns. Search engines make the tasks cheaper, easier, and more flexible to store data sets to get consumed by data-hungry thoughtspot.
  • Designed with data reduction and feature selection/engineering. Most of the modern search engines come with a bundle of tools for mapping a variety of content into a vector space and have a large set of tools used for constructing weights, capturing metadata, imputing values, handling nulls, and shape data according to your will.
  • thoughtspotIt has search-driven analytics. Many modern engines nowadays don’t only perform fast scoring of objects as part of building a retrieval set but they can also analyze those results whether it is about finding all the customers around a certain country or doing regression analysis.
  • Your tools are welcome. Whether you like the command line or a notebook, your tools will work with a search engine. Search engines can output the most common formats that data scientists are being used to working in.
  • It can be both quick and dirty. The dirtiest things like cheating a cheap little classifier or even a full-fledged dynamic content and collaborative filtering-based recommendation engine can get done through a search engine in a quick time.

Whatever purpose you may have or goals that you aim for planning to get a search engine for data analysis, always go for legitimate providers to avoid conflicts and issues in the future. Enjoy its uses and make the most of it!