Charts for better presentation

Delivering a Presentation is a hectic task, especially when it involves PowerPoint slides and sheets. It includes creative designs, colors, pictorial representation and much more. In the earlier days, the meetings will be conducted for some time with people describing everything mixed in a nutshell with whatever time they had got. The times have changed and today, the official gathering goes for hours and it has become necessary to share the exact situation at the present. During the meeting, various tools are used to show the data. And the most useful tool is the swimlane chart.

What does the chart do?

The chart assists in the process flow diagram that distinguishes the responsibilities, work process and many more functions of the business visually. It gives a unique look and helps in delivering the exact report, the status of the business function. It is distinct from other types of charts in the way that the decisions and classifications are grouped in lanes that will be easily understood by everyone. Different parallel lines divide the swimlane chart into lanes. These, in turn, are designated for the lead, department or any classifying authority. It also aids in predicting the delay or mistakes that could happen in the process and how to avoid them.

free swimlane template

These charts are added to the PowerPoint slides and make it look presentable. There are many templates available for the chart and other tutorial videos on how to use it. The Office Timeline Pro tool makes it easy to make the changes in the chart automatically without any manual need. It saves time, as well as reduces the manual errors that might happen. The charts or diagrams templates can be used freely in case of meeting with the other executives or top-level people. Adding additional designs and colors will make it look colorful and presentable. The hierarchical process of any function from top to bottom is depicted in a phased manner.

The use of these kinds of charts will help the business enterprise to have a planned and detailed description of the processes that are followed. It also helps to divide the activities as designated to people in the company which consequently assists in analyzing the present situation and making plans to improve and making advancement in the business operation. These charts will be holding a great influence on the everyday activities of the enterprise and help them to forecast the unpredictable results.