Clog Causes and Knowing When to See a Professional

One often occurring issue that can interfere with your regular activities is blocked toilets. Knowing when to call a professional and what drives these clogs will help you save time and effort. In addition, learn simple methods to unclog a toilet and also about typical blockage causes and advice on when to see a professional help guide you.

Typical Clog Causes

  • Using too much toilet paper is one of the most often occurring causes of toilet clogging. Although toilet paper dissolves in water, using too much could overload the plumbing and cause blockages. Use a sensible quantity of toilet paper; if necessary, think about flushing more often.
  • Another main reason blockages arise is flushing non-flushable objects. Sanitary goods, cotton balls, and wipes do not break down as toilet paper does and can often cause blockages. Never flush these products; always throw them in the garbage.
  • Clogs can also result from foreign objects inadvertently being dropped into the toilet. Among common objects are toothbrushes, little toys, and even cell phones. Remind kids not to play close to the toilet and keep the toilet lid closed when not in use to prevent inadvertent drops.
  • Older plumbing systems’ narrow pipes and out-of-date materials make clogs more likely. You might have more frequent clogs in your house if its plumbing system is ancient. Under such circumstances, one should give modern plumbing some thought as an upgrade.

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When Should One See a Professional?

  • Bad smells: Bad smells from your toilet or drains could point to a clogged sewage line or other issue. See a plumber to identify and resolve ongoing bad smells if you encounter them.
  • Slower Draining: Should your toilet drain slowly even after best efforts to unclog it, there may be a more severe pipe obstruction. Expert plumbers have the instruments and knowledge to properly find and clean these deeper obstructions.
  • Water Returning Backing: One obvious indication of a major obstruction is water overflowing your toilet or other appliance. This can rapidly get out of hand and result in-home water damage. Immediately calling a specialist will help to avoid more issues.

Knowing the typical reasons behind toilet clogs will enable you to avoid them from starting in the first place. However, when faced with a clog, you might wonder how to unclog a toilet on your own. But when clogs continue or several fittings are impacted, you really should call a professional plumber. They have the gear and knowledge to handle major problems and maintain flawless operation of your plumbing system. Knowing when to consult professionals helps you to prevent major damage and guarantee that your house stays comfortable and useful.

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