How Does the Fleet Services Work?

Car rental or even a van for an institution has never been easier.

Aside from the never-ending expansion of forms of continuous and fuel kinds, the timeframe an automobile may be hired has become more variable.

This can vary from hourly rental through programs like classic cars and business carpooling to the variable rental, wherein businesses likeĀ Assa can get an automobile for as much as they will need it.

What exactly is it?

A renting or leasing firm provides a specialized fleet of leased automobiles and buses that are stored at an organization’s parking garage for the common use of workers.

Workers, like classic cars, may reserve automobiles at any moment using various reservation methods such as telephone and the web.

Rent Company Assa

  • Business Cars: A collection of blind vehicles, vehicles, and motorcycles provides logistics customer services with lease periods ranging from quarterly to yearly.
  • Short-Term Leasing: A car rental option for daily / monthly requirements.
  • Assa rents vehicles on a monthly and annual basis.
  • ShareFleet: B2B vehicle rental site that provides services such as chauffeured car rentals, one-way car rentals/transfers across locations, and automated g car rentals.
  • Motorcycle rental is available on a bi-annual basis. Rental of corporate motorcycles for commercial purposes is included.
  • Carpooling: Enables staff from the same firm to share automobiles. Reports on research and use are included.

When would a fleet be able to utilize it?

Corporate vehicle sharing is great for firms that need to make both routine and last-minute crucial travels and one can certainly avail of services from a business like Assa.