How is a deck of cards structured

Tarot is an oracle of cards. The full edition of a tarot reading singapore online is called a set or deck and consists of 78 cards. There are hundreds of such decks, which vary to a greater or lesser extent from one another. What is common to all is that it consists of a major and a minor arcana.

The large arcana consisting of 22 trumps shows individual motifs that have a name. From the fool to the magician, the high priest and the hanged man to death and the world.

The minor arcana consists of the remaining 56 cards. It comprises four series of 14 cards each: the staffs, swords, goblets and coins. They are based on clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts.

How do I put the cards?

An entry method is  “the next step” . Before reading the cards, you imagine a certain situation to which you want an answer. Then you shuffle the 78 tarot cards and spread them out in front of you. With your left hand you draw four cards and place them face down on top of each other. Then the cards are turned up and arranged in a cross shape: the first card on the left, the second card on the right, the third card on top and the fourth card on the bottom.

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The first card shows the current situation, the second, which is now unimportant – because that is neither to be feared nor to hope for – the third shows what should now be considered the most important card and the fourth, what comes afterwards .

But there is also the ” three card method”:

Here, too, you first need a specific question, then: Shuffle the deck, draw three cards and place them next to each other, from left to right. Depending on the position, the card then answers the following:

Past (card 1), present (card 2), future (card 3)

Me (card 1), partner (card 2), environment (card 3).