How to decide a broom for cleaning: types, ranking of the most excellent, reviews

People spend a lot of time cleaning the floor. It is said that a person takes about 50 hours of cleaning a year. If the family has young children, cats and dogs, the time goes even further . You can lighten the chores and choose a modern mop to clean the floor .

Criteria for selecting a home assistant


If we choose a mop for the home, it should be comfortable and durable. First, you must pay attention to the material from which the handle is made. Mops with plastic handles break quickly. It is not necessary to be driven to the fact that they are cheap. Good pen-metal or metal plastic.

There are mops with a mechanism on the handle that regulates at the height of the man. If you buy a device with a swivel platform, you must understand how it can fit into the corners and penetrate under the furniture of the apartment. When choosing a mop to wash the floor in spin, it is determined where the extraction mechanism is and how comfortable it is. The nozzles or mops are different. They are put on a mop deck. They are designed to clean different floor coverings.

The mop is made from natural, synthetic or blended fabric. Nozzles can be made. in the form of a sponge. By using a sponge, you can collect animal hair and eliminate spilled liquids by accident. The sponge is not suitable for all types of coatings. For example, on laminate flooring and wood, it will leave stains as it can not be pressed dry. A completely different result can be obtained: sponge tiles, linoleum or vinyl.

Varieties of mops

T-shaped mop

She has known many people since her childhood. It is also called “lazy”. The design of such a mop is simple. It consists of a long wooden stick. At the end of the stick attached to the crossbar. The rod and crossbar of the “Soviet classic” model are made of wood. Later, mops with metal cloth holders appeared. Using a long stick the hard to reach places.