Know about the Vail’s Best Attractions

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You don’t have to travel to Europe to enjoy an alpine experience. Vail, Colorado, is a North American version of the Alps. The mountain community gets built by World War II mountain troopers who spent most of their time in the Alps and brought that spirit back to their native country. The inn on the riverwalk offers the best service to help you relax and enjoy your Vail vacation.

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

This garden, located at an elevation of 8250 feet above sea level, welcomes you with thousands of vibrantly colored flowerbeds, streams, waterfalls, and scenic mountain views.

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens is one of the most costly botanical gardens, an excellent choice for Vail guests looking for thrilling activities while staying at the inn on the riverwalk.

Vail Mountain Resort

Take a journey to Vail Mountain Resort, which has over 5,289 acres of downhill and off-road trails, and several unique ventures and is known as one of the top ski mountains in the world.

If you’re looking for a snow-filled adventure and a sightseeing experience unlike any other, this place can hook you up with some of Vail’s most different and enjoyable activities.

Vail Scenic Gondola

Want to see some of Vail’s most stunning views? This gondola service is a clear winner. You’ll be able to fully appreciate the grandeur of Vail’s conserved wildlife while taking in the panoramic perspective of Vail’s natural monuments.

The Vail Scenic Gondola is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike who want to take in the panoramic views of Vail’s mountain ranges and vast natural expanse.

Vail Valley

Vail Valley is a fantastic attraction in the heart of Vail that offers a variety of indoor amenities, such as restaurants, shops, and local activities.

Set out on an outdoor adventure at Vail Valley if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway.