Wedding Photo booth Singapore

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A fantastic idea, which is becoming increasingly popular, is a wedding camera, a special platform for guests to take photos as souvenirs of the day and add to the album of the bride. You can create it yourself, work with a photographer, or even hire a fully functional wedding photo booth singapore for the whole day.

To make your own, all you need is an isolated area, be creative,

People even saw one inside the caravan! If you can reserve a small room or a corner for this purpose, then great. If not, the installation of the area or tent outside will also be successful. If possible, use a smooth bottom and make sure that it is well lit and that there is no danger of the camera falling.

You can hire a designated photographer or set up a tripod and a camera with a remote control or cable so that objects can take pictures of themselves without having to set a timer. Provide accessories such as empty photo frames, hats, accessories for a wedding or a chalkboard, or giant speech bubbles for guests to write notes to add to their photos.

wedding photo booth

Wedding photo booth singapore price seem to capture these present moments at weddings, away from official presentations and, as a rule, after a couple of drinks. Many couples value these photos as much as their professionals, because they really show the joy and personality of their guests. Do not forget to go there too, it’s not just for guests!


The options for stupid and wonderful photos are endless. Play a dress, present your favorite poses or just show off your gorgeous wedding dress, you can wear it only during the day! Your guests will be happy to meet to celebrate your day in a photographic style.