Vinyl Flooring: Solution for all your Luxury Flooring Needs

The floor is an integral part of our house, and it occupies a majority of the interior designs. The flooring of a room can set up a whole new tone and change it altogether. Styling a floor has many options like concrete, cement, hardwood, tiles, marbles, etc. But all of these are more permanent, and a re-do can cost you a lot. What if you had an inexpensive solution that is easy to install and take out and gives you the premium finish of the tile, stone, or wood? Puzzled? Well, the easiest solution to your needs is luxury vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring is synthetic. It is made of plastic. It is durable, resilient, easy to install, maintain, and safe for pets and kids. These laminated floors come in various styles and can enliven any room. There is a pattern for every style. Let us find out what type suits which style the best.

How to choose Vinyl tiles

Traditional, modern and contemporary, bohemian, classic, beach or coastal, name the style you want in your rooms, and there is a pattern of vinyl floors to choose from.

Modern and Contemporary

luxury vinyl flooring in Chandler, AZ

If you aim for an urban, modern style, greys, beiges, and whites are the right colors. If you keep the walls and furniture plain, choose darker-toned floors balancing the soft tones. You can also choose a patterned floor to complete the look.

Classic and Traditional

Patterned tiles and hardwoods give out a classic vibe. You can easily recreate this works with laminated vinyl flooring that is easier to maintain and easy on the pockets. Choose the brighter wooden tones of cherry and rosewood. Pattern it with long rectangular panels. Choose a classic patterned tile that is neither overpowering nor too blank for a tiled look.

Beach or Coastal

Beach style is all about natural light and air. Therefore, choose light, washed-out colors that make your room look spacious. Wooden patterns are best to give the rustic finish, and you can also soften them with bright-colored rugs.

Final Thoughts

There are many styles, and vinyl flooring can incorporate all styling looks with various colors of patterns available. Transform your interiors with luxury vinyl flooring in Chandler, AZ. Vinyl flooring is fun and can be easy to experiment with.