What is Windows Bay for?

When designing window features, some people may wonder what bay windows are used for. They seem quite attractive, but will cost more than ordinary ones that line the facade of the building. The window protrudes outward from the face, creating more interior space and light. They are called panoramic windows because they create a compartment in the room at angles of 90, 135 and 150 degrees.

The bay became popular for the first time in the Victorian era in the 1870s. They are ideal for small rooms, because they create the illusion that the room is larger. The window also adds a distinctive personality to any living space, whether it be a house or an apartment. Small dark corners will suddenly have a place to breathe where the light has been captured by the addition of a projected window.

window bay design


The popularity of the window bay design singapore was not limited to the UK or Europe. Also, in the United States, in cities like San Francisco, the window has become very popular. They usually protrude two or three feet from the wall. As a result of this, a problem arose when they went out into a public place on public streets. City regulations were created to control where these windows would be allowed to build.

Today’s window is not as rich as its predecessors. In San Francisco, the window of past centuries had a style from Edwardian to missionary and Italian. Neoclassical windows serve as decorative decoration of facades and internal walls.

Today’s newest apartment buildings echo Victorian architecture, but without much success. They often lack imagination so that artisans of the past can integrate into their work.