What You Ought to Know About Mints with CBD

The CBD industry is now a multi-billion market. Unfortunately, there are no strict and set rules that regulate its operations. Only a few states in the US where Cannabis is legal you will find laws regulating the manufacturing and use of CBD products. With the look of the many patients who are desperately looking for CBD products to cure or relief their health conditions, red flags have become a daily hassle for many. There are so many things to know before you start shopping for mints with CBD.

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Not Mints Include the Listed CBD Amount

Based on an FDA research conducted some years back, it was confirmed that very few of the mints brands in the market contain the said amount of CBD. As a matter of fact, more than 80% of the brands researched were confirmed to contain either more or less than the listed amount. This simply means the largest number of CBD mints you will find in the market today will include more or less CBD content. You can check out client testimonials to know whether the mints in question have the listed amount.

Not All Mints are All Natural

Some mints just use the CBD label to sell better and more. As a matter of fact, some of the mints with CBD labels are sham and include no CBD contents. You can tell whether certain mints contain the listed amount of CBD or not by checking customer and online reviews to know what people who used the mints say about the content. Mints that are made up of all-natural CBD will have good reviews and tons of positive ratings while those made of chemical-based CBD will have tons of negative reviews.

Some Are Fake

As it is common with every multi-dollar industry, the CBD industry is full of scams and fake products.  Many of the products you see advertised online today as CBD mints are sham and include no CBD contents. The chances of falling for these red flags are high. To avoid being trapped, you have to conduct thorough research and compare several products.


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