Where to sell jewelry profitably?

As we mentioned earlier, it is not a good idea to sell jewelry at a pawnshop, as the price offered at the pawnshop will be much lower than the market price of gold jewelry. The low price at the pawnshop is due to two reasons: first, pawnshops make money by lending money to people who will not get a loan from the bank. Therefore, the pawnshop must take into account that the person may not repay the loan. Secondly, the pawnshop must take into account the situation that the entrusted gold will be forced to sell.

So where do you sell a wedding ring, wanderlust necklace   bracelet, earrings? For several years, more and more precious metal purchases have been appearing on the market, and this is where it is best to go to sell gold products. These points are run by jewelers and precious metal dealers. The advantage of buying metals is that they withdraw cash at once and are able to buy gold in various forms.

In larger cities, there are stationary purchases of precious metals, but such companies also operate via the Internet. It is recommended to choose metal purchase, which has its headquarters but also conducts online sales. This is convenient because people who do not want to entrust jewelry to a courier from an unknown company can carry out such a transaction at the company’s headquarters.

wanderlust necklace

It is worth remembering that by using the online services of gold purchasing companies, you can receive more for a gram of gold in a chain, which Poles may not be fully aware of. This is associated with lower business costs. It also happens that some are afraid to send jewelry to an unknown company for a quote, but each company can be checked for reliability by reviewing the company reviews on the Internet or other such portals.

Value of a gram of gold cost in a chain?

By using the services of specialized investment bullion companies, you can get around PLN 130 per gram of gold in a chain today. Remember that at the beginning, it is best to find out what value the jewelry has at the goldsmith; in this case, the weight of gold and the test of gold from which the jewelry was made is decisive. There are online calculators wanderlust necklace available on metal buying websites that can be used to calculate how much a company can offer for earrings, a chain, or other jewelry. In addition, prices are often quoted per gram of gold, for example, 916 scrap offers a higher amount than for 585 scraps, which is usually made of engagement rings and wedding rings.

The sales procedure in purchasing metals is as follows: you should order a courier to collect the jewelry for a quote or pack the items sale yourself. It is important that the jewelry intended for sale has stones and other non-metallic elements removed.