Why Bashir Dawood So Famous For His Good Work

The difference between House and Home is that a house is just a shell, there is no family or feelings or even comfort, it is just a shelter. Home is where everyone is together and there is harmony as well as a feeling of comfort. This is what bashir dawood and the home appliance they produce help achieve.

bashir dawood

The home appliance company since 1980 has provided customers with the best there is in the market. Bashir Dawood Dawlance started off by manufacturing refrigerators, and since its success, the company has expanded and flourished. The company has ventured into other home appliances as well such as washing machines, chest freezers, Air conditioners and more.

The Legacy

The only reason for bashir dawood company to exist till now and reach the top is due it the post-sales service provided to its customers. The appliance company is a success in the middle east and Pakistan with 37 dedicated branches and around 750 franchises in Pakistan alone. Every household trust’s and is gifted with only the best Bashir Dawood appliance. With 26 years of success and building homes in Pakistan, making it proud the company was sold to a Turkish household appliance manufacturer.

Reliability is the foundation on which the company gained all its success, by providing cutting edge technology. This is the core value of the company and is incorporated in all the appliances and teams of the company. Values that are adhered in the company besides reliability that make it successful are communication, teamwork, creativity, respect, and candor.