Why use planning software to optimize your work?

The success of a company is based on good planning. But for business resource managers, this is sometimes a big challenge in terms of the complexity of the task. Fortunately, these agents do not have too many worries to be made, since there are nowadays planning software to help them efficiently and quickly.

Planning software: what to understand?

Online planning software is a computer tool that helps to manage and organize all the activities of your organization . It represents a useful and fast IT solution for the planning and organization of all your projects. These softwares  simplify the work of the human resources departments and make it easier to reach the objectives. Like all other software, the Time Clock Wizard online planning software , leader in its field, also saves you time and gives you considerable help in organizing your business. Planning software always brings added value to companies’ human resources departments

Time Clock Wizard

What are their main features?

  • The software packages or schedule management software offers many features:
  • Synchronize with an online calendar (it can be shared and individual) like Google Calendar;
  • Management and optimization of overtime;
  • Taking account of interactions (requests for replacement, leave or unavailability, slot exchange);
  • Taking into account holidays and absences (paid holidays, illness, absences, etc.);
  • Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly schedule;
  • Management of certain constraints (unavailability, diseases, personal constraints);
  • Proposal of the best planning for the organization;
  • Synchronization of data (schedules, contacts, location) with mobiles;
  • Management of salary costs and profitability.