Yin yoga – Relaxed practice to nurture concentration

Yin yoga is the new version of traditional yoga practice. This practice is followed slower and in a relaxed manner. They have 20 classical poses with different variations. They are held up for a long period of up to 5 minutes or more at a slow pace. At first, these poses may appear easier but the challenging factor is with maintaining the pose. Yin yoga discipline enhances yoga practices than any other practice by initiating newcomers to a path of observation. This practice leads trainees to a meditative aspect of yoga. This helps to shape mind and body with meditation. Yin yoga develops mind concentration with healthy body.

Yin yoga has three different levels of understanding according to three different human aspects.

yin teacher training,

  • Physical level – Here yoga practice target bones, joints, and its connective tissues. This helps in the series of a functional approach of the body.
  • Energetic level – This practice helps in restoring the harmony of the body through connective tissues.
  • Mental level – Yin yoga develops inner feeling with a keen meditative sense.

Yin yoga is a practice to relax your mind. Relaxation is just a side fact but key fact of this practice is observation and stability.  So make your way to yin yoga and practice as an individual or group. They also conduct yin teacher training to teach professionals of traditional yoga and beginners. Yin yoga has clear view of conveying teacher training to professionals. It is delivered in two different methodology of teaching namely functional and systematic method. Even yin yoga conducts workshops for spreading the best meditative practice.