Go on with the flow of drawing.


It was founded by Michael Karnjanaprokorn Malcom Ong in November 2010 i.e., 7 years ago, in New York City, New York, US. It is a type of online education, for learners. One can generate online classes and give coaching, who wants to teach. In this education, the student and teacher get benefits, student by learning new skills and techniques from the teacher or coach and at the same time, teacher can explore the skill in him. The courses mostly offered in this education are creative arts, design, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, technology etc. You can enrol yourself with getting accommodated to the service through https://www.skillshare.com

Skill share classes

Those classes include

  1. Basics for creating magical drawing: It is mostly for the starters or beginner students. Here they will teach you about Hatching, cross hatching, stippling, mark making, Grunge textures, line variation ant their importance etc.
  2. Techniques of Ink Drawing which includes Brush, Nib and Pen method: It is a 90 minute class, where they teach the students;

  • About the difference between brush and nibs.
  • Asian versus watercolour brushes
  • How to set up materials
  • How to do brush stroke and techniques of nib
  • Calligraphy, Sketching and scanning.
  • Inking the sketch
  1. Techniques for pencil portraits: Here they will teach you :
  • Stuff to be used to get the most excellent portrait.
  • Fundamental sketching
  • Make you understand light and shades on the planes of face.
  • How to form eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose etc
  • Lastly to make it perfect by giving final touch.

Significant approach 

Skill share classes on https://www.skillshare.com are very helpful for learners to become skilled and increase knowledge. In these classes, you can learn new techniques of drawing and modern water coloring. It helps you grow and form innovative ideas from your own for portrait. It also helps you to be motivated by increasing your talent, generating new ideas and operational efficiency.