How to Choose The Best Hotel For You?

Have you ever been planning an upcoming trip or stay-cation and were searching for a hotel? You might find yourself in need of a good hotel as soon as you get off the plane/train, or when your room is unavailable at the last minute. This article will show how to choose the best hotel for you in 4 simple steps.

Step One: Check The Hotel’s Reputation

The first step is to check out what other people have had to say about this particular hotel before. Foursquare may or may not be the best place to find reviews, but google should. If you are in search of the our hotels, then one of these top websites should have enough useful information for you to make a good decision.

Step Two: Check The Room

Some hotels, especially those in more rural areas, don’t have enough rooms to accommodate all of the guests, so they may be forced to squeeze people into a few rooms. At this point it might help to have friends or relatives that share a room with you for a cheaper price. Some will even offer free perks such as breakfast and parking as a reward for you staying with them.

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Either way, you’ll want to check out some photos of the room and read reviews online. Not only will this tell you if the room is nice or not, but it will also give you information about bedding, service and common complaints.

Step Three: Check The Airfares

Booking a hotel that is close to the airport (within 20 miles) will most likely save you a ton of money on airfare or at least make it easier for you to get there on the cheaper flights. Also, most of the best hotels are on the water. Since you’ll likely want to see what we have to offer, be sure to check out our previous article about how you can find cheap flights.

Step Four: Check The Amenities

As previously stated, a good hotel should at least have a parking lot. If the city doesn’t have enough spaces for all the guests then you may need to park a little further away and pay for an additional service.