How to go on a safari and participate!

Many people take a vacation not only to relax from the stress and the usual rhythm of their usual routine 9-5, but also to take time to plan and contemplate their lives: statistics show that jobs change and priorities are reviewed after a break Some perspective has been achieved.

In the absence of hours, with the possible exception of transport schedules, unknown periods of inactivity can direct a person’s thoughts to where they go in life, and often people return to their “normal” life, which has somehow been changed well. The experience of another country or culture.

The vast African continent, with its diverse villages with many attributes and needs, can encourage some visitors to actively respond to the physical and / or financial participation in the project to assist and develop the rural people with whom they spent their vacations.

Endangered wildlife in Africa also promotes interest and participation, leading to increased awareness of conservation issues. Extensive media coverage of the events, efforts and lifestyles of people and animals around the world brings the natural world right to the homes of a television audience, which often leads to incitement to vacation plans.

The famous “Big Five” (lion, African elephant, buffalo cape, leopard and rhinoceros) can be among many lists and located in beautiful reserves and national parks: Kruger National Park, Masai Mara and the extensive game of the rich plains of Tanzania, to name a few. For bird watchers, the green and watery areas of the Okavango Delta in Botswana and for a species that was truly endangered: the gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda.

wildlife in Africa

Resting on an African Penwell Safaris can turn the most amateur “photographer on vacation” into an avid photographer, which increases interest and more and more adventure trips to get improved and high-quality photographic memories. The existing passion for some becomes a new canvas for the creative output of others.

There are many luxurious safari camps and cottages that actively support and develop the life of your local community, either through employment at facilities, training and education of guides, or using local skills in the production and exhibition of fabrics, tablecloths, artifacts and rarities. The funds received from the sale of items can be crucial in ongoing projects, and the participation of guests helps to transfer and support this activity, possibly in the supply of equipment, soccer balls and kits, and even provide scholarships for bright students.

During their stay, managers and employees will be very pleased and proud that clients visit their projects to show their support in action. At this time, you can see how to become part of this scheme, and with this thought, return home to spread the word and your enthusiasm among your family, friends and colleagues.